How To Serve You



For formal dining one server recommended for every 20 - 30 people. For buffet dining one server recommended for every 40 - 50 people.

Pre-event prep:

  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Assist with food preparation
  • Set table with tablecloths and place settings for sit-down meals and formal dinners
  • Set up buffet areas (chafing dishes or wire racks with aluminum trays) for buffet-style events
  • Set out snacks and dips
  • Pre-heat appetizers
During event:
  • Pass hor d'oeuvres
  • Bring out food
  • Monitor and replenish food in buffet as needed
  • Monitor and replenish snacks as needed
  • Serve the various courses of a sit-down or formal meal
  • Attend to guest's needs
  • Walk around cleaning up
  • Assist bartender if needed
  • Take drink orders from guests
Post event:
  • General clean up
  • Clear dishes
  • Wash dishes
  • Wrap up and store food
  • Take out the trash
  • Break down tables and chairs. 


One bartender recommended for every 50 - 80 people.

Pre-event prep:

  • Bartenders will set up the bar area as attractively as possible
  • Cuts fruit and prepare other garnishes for drinks
  • Ice down beer, wine, soda and water
  • Make sure there is enough ice and glassware for the number of guests
  • Make sure the proper ingredients are on hand to make any specialty drinks the host wants to serve her guests
  • Once bar is set up, bartenders can assist servers with their pre-party prep.
During event:
  • Bartenders mix and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • They can make frozen drinks if supplied with a blender by host
  • They will take drink orders from guests at the bar or from servers who have taken drink orders from the guests
  • Bartenders may also walk around taking drink orders
  • Bartenders will always maintain a clean bar area
  • When not busy bartenders will walk around cleaning up trash and assisting servers as needed
Post event:  
  • Clean up bar area
  • Put away alcohol and mixers
  • Empty coolers
  • Put away sodas and water
  • Put away extra glasses
  • Wipe down bar
  • Assist servers with post party clean-up tasks


Grillers are primarily for Backyard BBQs or Picnic type parties.  The number of grillers required for a party depends on the number of guests, the amount of food to be grilled, and the size of the grill.  Usually one griller would suffice at most parties. 

Pre-event prep:  Grillers are responsible for setting up the grilling area, and preparing the items to be grilled.  They may also assist servers and bartenders with pre-party prep tasks.

During event:  Grill the meats, poultry, fish, and /or vegetables as per host's instructions

Post event:  

  • Grillers are responsible for cleaning up the grilling area, and grilling utensils
  • Assisting servers and bartenders with post party tasks

Event Captains

An event captain is someone who is required when 5 of more At Your Service staff are requested.  They will for the most part be one of the servers, but in addition they will  handle any problems or issues, direct the staff and make sure that all service happens in a timely manner, so you can just sit back and relax!

  • Typical uniform consists of black pants, black shoes, tuxedo shirt, black vest, and black bow tie.  Staff may come in a more casual dress upon client's request
  • We do not supply any food, beverages, alcohol, ice, paper goods, or equipment.  Bartenders may bring their own tools, such as a corkscrew,   cocktail shaker, strainer, muddler, bar spoon, and ice scoop, but that is it.